It’s all for attention right?

she cuts for attention doesn’t she?

she thinks about suicide everyday.

she starves herself.

she cries herself to sleep.

she’s broken…

but it’s all for attention right?


2 thoughts on “attention

  1. Man, do I know this feeling. It’s a shame that things like self-harm and mental illness have such a stigma that people can’t recognize that giving someone attention wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

  2. Oh, totes, man. Its all for attention.
    I’m sorry people are accusing you of it, or if you feel like they are. . . people suck sometimes. They’re just ignorant; you can’t understand something until you’ve experienced it, true understanding, I mean. . . but that’s no excuse for accusing someone who is hurting of just being an attention seeker. Here’s a hug if you want it. *hug*

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